Return-A-Box Program

As a sustainably minded small business, we so appreciate being able to reuse our liners. Return your box 10 times and we'll send $100 in shop credit. Here's how you can return your box and liner to us via USPS

  1. Remove any stickers from the outside of the box
  2. Stick the included return label with our farm address directly on top of the current address label.
  3. Place a used book in the box and a piece of paper/post it/business card with your full name on it (this is how we know who to credit with the return!). If possible, wrap the book in newspaper or some material that will help pad the book edges.
  4. Take your box with added book to USPS and ship via Media Mail. It is essential to add a book in order to qualify for USPS discounted rates called Media Mail. Learn more about Media Mail here
  5. Return your box 10 times and we'll credit you with $100 in shop credit as a thank you for helping us recycle and reuse! 

Not able to return your box? No worries at all, here are some other ways you can use or dispose of your boxes locally:

  1. Use your box as a cooler: Our liners are great at keeping items cool for 48+ hours if packed tightly (that's why we love them!). Some of our customers keep 1 or 2 of the liners as a drinks cooler, road trip snack cooler in the car, lunchbox, you get the idea. 
  2. Recycle Locally: Our liners are 100% recyclable at any local recycling center or collection depot. 
  3. Use as a Robot Costume: Get creative :) 

Thanks so much! We appreciate you!