Our Lamb

Grass Fed and Finished Lamb in Bend, Oregon

We graze our sheep on a large network of leased and owned land. Our sheep are always grass fed and finished as well as hormone and antibiotic free.


Certified Grassfed

We are Certified Grass Fed! We are passionately grass-only when it comes to our beef and lamb. No grain finishing here, just pure grass-fed and finished beef from our farm to you. Certified Grassfed by AGW is the only certification and logo in the U.S. and Canada that guarantees food products come from animals fed a 100 percent grass and forage diet, raised outdoors on pasture or range and managed according to the highest welfare and environmental standards on an independent farm. While other grassfed labels exist, none can match the breadth, integrity and transparency that Certified Grassfed by AGW offers.

Certified Animal Welfare Approved 

We are Certified Animal Welfare Approved! The Certified Animal Welfare Approval by AGW is the only label that guarantees animals are raised outdoors on pasture or range for their entire lives on an independent farm using truly sustainable, high-welfare farming practices. It is the only label in the U.S. to require audited, high-welfare production, transport and slaughter practices, and has the single highest impact on consumer purchasing of any food label, according to The Hartman Group.

Large Cuts with a Mild Flavor

Our lamb is known for larger cuts with a mild flavor. This is due to the breed of sheep we raise, a Katahdin Texel cross developed on our farm. The combination of larger cuts and mild flavor make our lamb an incredibly versatile meat that pairs beautifully with a range of herbs, marinades, spices, and is wonderful just on it's own! 

Raised Regeneratively 

Get one of us in a room and we can talk a lot about grass and pasture management. But to put our management practices simply, our herd follows seasonal grasses from early spring to late fall.

We practice Management Intensive Grazing (MiG) meaning our sheep move onto new grass every 3 days for as long as the grass in growing. This practice benefits both the sheep and soil health. When the grass goes dormant through our cold winters, we feed the sheep grass hay grown right here in Central Oregon. 

Custom Cut 

We work with a highly respected USDA-inspected processing facility in Mohawk Valley Oregon to provide our customers with incredible cuts of lamb. We take a whole-animal approach to the cuts that we offer, no animal is made up of entirely of loin chops or T-bones. That's why we offer a range of more obscure cuts. Lamb is an amazingly versatile meat and we encourage you to try different cuts! If you ever need some cooking tips, we have a former chef on the farm who would love to help you out, just send us an email!