Our Lamb

Grass Fed and Finished Lamb in Bend, Oregon

Get one of us in a room and we can talk a lot about grass and pasture management. But to put our management practices simply, our herd follows seasonal grasses from early spring to late fall. 

We practice Management Intensive Grazing (MiG) meaning our sheep move onto new grass every 3 days for as long as the grass in growing.This practice benefits both the sheep and soil health. When the grass goes dormant through our cold winters, we feed the sheep hay we've grown right here on the property. Our sheep are always grass fed and antibiotic free. 



Katahdin Sheep

Known for their large size and excellent ability to thrive on a grass fed diet, Katahdin Sheep are prized among home cooks and chefs alike. We love them for their calm temperament, excellent mothering abilities, and the fact that they don't have to be sheared, they self-drop their thick winter coats in spring. 


Our Lamb

We work with a highly respected USDA inspected processing facility in Mowhawk Valley Oregon to provide our customers with incredible cuts of lamb. We take a whole-animal approach to the cuts that we offer, no animal is made up of entirely of loin chops or T-bones. That's why we offer a range of more obscure cuts and offerings like offal, stock bones, lamb breast and shoulder chops. Lamb is an amazingly versatile meat and we encourage you to try different cuts! If you ever need some cooking tips, we have a former chef on the farm who would love to help you out, just send us an email! 

Tomahawk rib chops