Our Beef

Grass Fed and Finished Beef in Bend, Oregon 

Just like our lamb, our beef is also pasture raised and always grass fed. Our cattle are ranged on a series of owned and leased parcels where they are free to graze on the available grasses and legumes. We also work with our neighbors who are a trusted source of grass fed and finished beef to supplement our cattle program.  We are passionately grass-only when it comes to our beef and lamb. No grain finishing here, just pure grass fed and finished beef from our farm to you. 

Custom Cut and Always Dry Aged

North 44 Farm Porterhouse

We work with a highly regarded USDA inspected meat processing facility to bring you the best finished product possible. Our beef is always dry aged for no less than 14 days and often closer to 28 days. This is a big difference from the super market standard of "wet-aged" meat. Taste the difference of dry aged, grass fed and finished beef raised with care, hard work, and time. We know you'll love it.