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Farm Club is Open!

About Farm Club

Farm Club is open for 2024!

Farm Club is the most economical at to shop our meat. It's our version of wholesale discounts passed on to you and is a great way to keep your freezers stocked in our grass fed and finished lamb and beef. As a Farm Club member, you are getting our lowest cost per pound while also supporting our small family farm!

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Why Choose the North 44 Farm Club?

1. PREMIUM GRASS FED & FINISHED MEAT: We are passionate about what we do which is raising animals slowly on grass. Our animals are truly spoiled and we know that comes through in the final product. 

We prioritize our Farm Club members above all other channels. You've made a commitment to us and in turn, we make one to you which is why you'll have year-round deliveries of our grass fed and finished meat. No 'sold out' moments with Farm Club!

 3. SUPPORT YOUR REGIONAL FOOD SYSTEM: Choosing to join the North 44 Farm Club is more radical than you might initially think. You are choosing to support a small first generation farm where we practice regenerative land management. There aren't that many of us and it takes the support of our local community to be able to thrive. As a Farm Club member you have direct access and visibility into where and how your lamb and beef were raised.

How it Works

Farm Club is open for 2023!

1. Check out the Farm Club tiers below and choose the one that best fits how you cook and eat

2. Choose the box weight (our most popular is 10 pounds per month)

3. Choose from monthly delivery or every other month delivery. You can pause, skip, or cancel at any time

4. Once you've checked out, you'll receive an email from us asking about your preferences, household size, and how you like to cook. This helps us build a great custom box for you every month!

5. Your Farm Club box will be delivered on the second Monday (shipped orders) or Tuesday (local delivery) of your selected delivery month. We will email you beforehand to let you know when to expect your order.

6. Enjoy grass fed and finished lamb and beef delivered directly to your doorstep!

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By joining the Premium Club, you get access to every cut we offer. This is the only tier that includes premium cuts like ribeyes, tenderloins, and NY strips, etc. Your box will always include those beautiful premium cuts along with a mix of staple items and grind. Please note that this is not a steak-only box. We pack every box based on the preferences you choose to share with us. Boxes are offered at 5, 10, and 15 pounds with your choice of lamb, beef, or both!


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Freezer Staples Farm Club Members can expect a great 50/50 mix of grind and staple cuts like fajita strips, carne asada, roasts, osso bucco, shoulder chops. Just like the Premium Farm Club Members, we pack every box based on the preferences you choose to share with us. Boxes are offered at 5, 10, and 15 pounds with your choice of lamb, beef, or both!

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Our ground products have quite the following and for good reason! Grass fed and finished ground is a great staple to have in the freezer and the convenient vacuum packed one pound packages make them quick and easy to defrost. Ground Club members can choose from Beef or Lamb grind boxes. Beef Ground Club members can choose from our  ground beef products including burger patties, chorizo, and breakfast sausage in addition to our traditional 80/20 grind. Boxes are offered at 5, 10, and 15 pounds.