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We are so excited to offer a meat CSA to our Central Oregon customers! Our meat CSA runs from April to September (6 months) with the choice of a full or half share. A full share is 20 pounds of grass fed beef, lamb, or both, delivered to your door every month.

We suggest the full share for those with large households or people who cook most meals at home. Our CSA will feature every item on our cut list, from steaks and chops to roasts and ground. If you have any special cuts you’re hoping to see in your monthly CSA delivery, just send us an email and we’ll include it in your box if we have it in stock!

Why Choose North 44 Farm’s CSA

  • Our lamb and beef is always grass fed and finished and raised without hormones or antibiotics
  • Deep discounts - premium cuts for less 
  • Flexibility - your box can include beef, lamb, or both! 
  • Easy delivery options - doorstep delivery of your CSA every month
  • Customization - Tell us how you cook and what cuts you like and we’ll customize your CSA
  • Pair our Meat CSA with one of the amazing veggie CSAs for 6 months of ultra local eating
  • Full transparency and a direct relationship with the person who grows your food
  • Support your Central Oregon food economy! 

Not in Central Oregon?

Check out our Farm Club which ships nationally! Farm Club boxes range from 5 - 30 pounds of beef, lamb, or both and you can choose from monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly shipments and billing cycles.